“1 in 3″ campaign is all about denial

At ThinkProgress, Tara Culp-Ressler writes about:

“1 in 3 Week of Action,” a grassroots effort to push back on the pervasive abortion stigma that continues to impact women’s experiences with their reproductive health. Despite the fact that abortion is a very common aspect of women’s health care, many people feel like they’re not allowed to talk openly about it — largely because they’ve internalized society’s shame-based message that having an abortion means they’ve done something wrong.

Pro-aborts think that if more women talk about their abortions, abortion will lose its stigma. The problem is that these pro-aborts won’t really talk their abortions. They won’t discuss how the baby gets ripped apart or poisoned. Rather they’ll talk about their excuses for killing their babies.

denial1True to form, Ms. Culp-Ressler doesn’t represent honestly what happens in an abortion either. She calls abortion part of “reproductive health” and “health care”. Just propaganda talk. The pro-abortion “1 in 3” campaign is really just about denial.


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