Killing boys to get a girl

December 12, 2014

KCTV Better Kansas City reports that a couple, Jayne and Jonathan Cornwill, has used IVF and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis to “select” a baby girl. What happens to the boys?  They get to die. This isn’t “playing God”. God doesn’t treat human beings as disposable products unworthy of love.

At Oxford, You Can Only Talk About Abortion If You’re A Pro-Abortion Woman

December 11, 2014

by Laurel Recsetar Last week, Oxford University banned Oxford Students for Life from hosting a debate about whether abortion culture negatively affects society. Proposing the motion for the pro-life side was Tim Stanley and opposing was Brendan O’Neill, who is pro-choice. Outraged that two people might civilly debate the matter, a group called “What the f*ck …

These Newscasters Were Firmly Pro-Choice… Until They Saw THIS Video

December 11, 2014

Created Equal, a pro-life group that believes the cause of life is best protected through educating the masses as to the devastation that abortion actually brings, has been showing graphic films of real abortions in large public squares. The group sets up signs around the perimeter of the area, but sets up sizable screens with …

Porn Professor Attacks Teenage Pro-Life Student

December 11, 2014

by Cooper Crouch Mireille Miller-Young, a University of California-Santa Barbara pornography, black film and queer theory professor, is now facing a civil lawsuit after attacking pro-life students in March of this year. Professor Miller-Young is currently serving a three year criminal probation sentence for the same attack. On March 4, Sarah Rivera was standing in a …

This Country Banned Abortion and Now, Abortion Promoters Can’t Believe their Eyes!

December 11, 2014

“Outlaw abortion and abortion won’t stop. Women will just do it illegally and women will die!” Or so the argument goes… But facts are pesky things, and they show that the opposite is true in Chile. According to new research from the MELISA Institute, since Chile’s ban on abortion, not only has maternal health improved but the number of women seeking …

Conception Is a Process rebutted, part 2

December 9, 2014

This is the second part of a rebuttal to Virginia Hughes National Geographic post “Conception Is a Process”. See part 1. Ms. Hughes begins with a personal experience: I went to a Catholic high school, where I was taught in religion class that life begins at conception. For someone so critical of how pro-lifers use …

NY man forces abortion on pregnant mom

December 6, 2014

WNYT News 13 reports that a Rosendale New York man is accused of assaulting a pregnant woman and forcing her to take an abortion pill. What’s a guy to do? His uppity girlfriend refuses to kill the baby, so he takes matters into his own hands. He should apply for a grant from the UN …

Disabled and Broody: the eugenic choice to kill the disabled

December 5, 2014

BBC Radio 4 broadcasts “Disabled and Broody: An Impossible Choice” about disabled people who kill nascent human beings who are found to have their parents’ disability. The British National Health Service will actually pay for the search and destroy mission (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis or PGD) against those embryos who don’t measure up. At 2:51 into …

In the UK: Go ahead and poison your baby

December 4, 2014

BBC News reports that a British court has declared that a pregnant mother poisoning her unborn child with alcohol is not a criminal act. In light of woman’s “right” to murder her baby, it should be no surprised that she may severely harm her baby too. It’s barbaric.