Texas man gets murder charge for killing unborn baby

July 30, 2014

KIII News 3 in Texas reports that Matthew Lara is being charged with assault for severely beating his pregnant girl friend and with capital murder for killing his three month old unborn child. This scumbag should have no possible bail.

Palestinian baby girl delivered from her dead mother

July 28, 2014

Sky News reports that, in Gaza, doctors delivered a baby girl from her dead mother. Shamar’s mother and other family members were killed as part of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. See news report here.

Unborn baby killed through medical incompetence

July 27, 2014

CNN-IBN reports that a doctor in India gave a pregnant mother an abortion pill “by mistake”, killing her baby. Could you imagine going to the doctor for some medical assistance and instead getting poison for your baby? See a video of the news report. In Colorado, such gross medical negligence is not a criminal act. …

The Gospel Truth: Nobody has a right to kill another person

July 25, 2014

Andrew Wommack uses an entire episode of his show The Gospel Truth to preach against abortion. Here’s part of the show. This isn’t the first time Mr. Wommack has broadcast against abortion. See Christians can’t support abortion. Keep up the good work, Mr. Wommack.

Elijah Alvarez saved by prenatal operation

July 24, 2014

KVTU Channel 2 News did a short story on Elijah Alvarez who was operated on in the womb. Doctors inserted a shunt into his left lung. Elijah probably won’t be an Olympic Decathlon champion but he’s doing fine.

Baby-killers and pro-life counter-protestors at the Colorado capitol

July 22, 2014

KCNC CBS Denver covers a NARAL and Planned Abortionhood rally to oppose the Brady Amendment, which will appear on the Colorado ballot in November. I was among the pro-life contingent who showed up in counter-protest. I didn’t hear the pro-abortion speeches but I’m confident that they were filled with the common lies about banning birth …

Federal judge recognizes unborn victim of child abuse

July 20, 2014

WJHL News Channel 11 broadcasts some encouraging news. Federal District Judge Thomas Varlan has sentenced a woman to 12 years in prison for endangering her unborn child with methamphetamine. The TimesFreePress reports that Lynn Paltrow of “National Advocates for Pregnant Women” believes that pregnant mothers shouldn’t be punished for harming their unborn babies with illegal …