Planned Parenthood is worse than the Red-tailed Hawk

March 23, 2015

KTLA 5 reports that, during a debate on making the Red-tailed Hawk the New Hampshire state raptor, State Representative Warren Groen compared the bird the Planned Parenthood. Rep. Groen is correct but you can only take such analogies so far, otherwise the comparison is a gross insult to Red-tailed Hawks. The hawk needs to hunt …

Abortion destroys the family

March 22, 2015

In his broadcast Destroying the Family, part of his Unmasking Evil series, Dr. Ed Young talks briefly (beginning at 10:06) about how abortion undermines the family. If a mother can escape her obligation to care for her baby by killing the baby, the basis of family is gone.

No neutrality on government paying to kill babies

March 21, 2015

The US Senate has been wrangling over an anti-human trafficking bill because it contains the Hyde Amendment which bans spending government funds on abortions. The ban is immoral because it allows funds to be used to kill babies if they were conceived in rape. The ban should be total without targeting some victims. Pro-aborts cry …

Gasping for breath

March 20, 2015

KRXM Fox 21 News reports that Dynel Lane, the woman who cut open a pregnant mother to get her baby, claimed the baby girl was hers as the baby grasped for breath in a bath tub. The baby’s actual mother Michele Wilkins, who might not yet know her baby’s fate, just wanted to buy clothes …

Child abuse charge for death of unborn baby

March 19, 2015

It’s all over the news, including this report from USA Today: An assailant, Dynel Lane, cut open a pregnant woman to get her baby. She’s just an abortionist practicing an unconventional technique. How horrible. Thankfully, the mother survived. But when she awakes, she, like Heather Surovik, will find out that her baby was brutally taken …

Another win against Obamacare birth control mandate

March 18, 2015

CBN News reports that a federal court has granted Hercules Industries an exemption from the Obamacare birth control mandate. WNDU Your Breaking News & Weather Authority reports that Notre Dame recently became the first non-religious corporation to get a reprieve from the mandate.

Pregnancy Resource Centers help you and your baby

March 17, 2015

On his show, Peter Heck interviews Tom Shevlot of Life Centers, an organization of eight pro-life pregnancy centers in Indiana. During the interview Mr. Shevlot tells how Life Centers was able to help a young mother when everyone else only offered death to her baby. She wrote on the form that we give to the …

James Robison was conceived in rape

March 16, 2015

As a guest on Life Today, Todd Starnes promotes his aptly named book “God less America“. During the discussion, host James Robison takes a moment to share his story that he was created in rape and his mother wanted to kill him through abortion. I wouldn’t have been born today because I’m the product of …

Men exercising their “right to choose” to kill their babies

March 15, 2015

Ian Freeman and Mark Edge on Free Talk discuss how a Norwegian man poisoned his girl friend’s smoothie with abortion pills in order to kill their 12 week unborn baby. It’s horrible what some men will do to escape their obligations.  Just to name a few: pancake poisoning, abortion pills disguised as antibiotics, $100 offer …