New York’s WPIX 11 news broadcasts ignorance

Lionel, a contributor on New York’s WPIX 11 news, recently displayed his ignorance on the air. He described the Personhood bill (SCR 4009), which passed in the North Dakota senate, as “granting legal rights to fertilized eggs at every stage of development”.

What a hoot! It made me scratch my head and wonder how many stages of development a “fertilized egg” goes through. Let’s see… embryo, fetus, neonate, baby, toddler, young child, adolescent, adult, and senior adult. They’re all over the place!

SCR 4009 actually says “The inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected” (Emphasis added). But pro-aborts can’t use the term “human being”. No, that would be too much reality for them to handle.  Lionel is, as most pro-aborts are, reality-challenged.

Lionel’s cohort Frances Rivera claims that “fertilized eggs, according to this bill, have the same rights as a person”.  According to this bill? It’s apparent that the folks at WPIX 11 need to work on their reading skills.

She continues by suggesting that the bill would restrict “abortion unless the mom’s health is at risk”. She doesn’t say it correctly, but at least she recognizes that an unborn baby’s right to life would not stop the mother from getting life-saving treatment, even when such treatment involves removing the baby.

Lionel ends the clip with ignorant claims regarding ectopic pregnancy (directly conflicting Rivera) and miscarriage. “It’s a mine field” of scare tactics.

In a different version of the same show, Lionel and Frances Rivera mock personhood on the possibility of insurance policies for embryos. Oh no! The world will end if an insurance company and a parent put life insurance on an embryo. Run for the hills! You can’t help but shake your head. I suppose if you don’t have life insurance, you’re not a person.

They actually said this stuff on the air.

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