Planned Parenthood Consultant tell-all packed with lies to Mississippi voters

A Huffington Post article titled “How to Defeat PersonhoodUSA” spilled the beans yesterday by printing a laundry list of lies from Planned Parenthood to Mississippi voters – all the while claiming that these lies were part of “honest conversations.” The article, an obvious puff piece for Planned Parenthood Consultant Sarah Flowers, railed against Personhood Amendments nationwide.

From the article: “Husbands, said Flowers, had another reaction that dealt with ‘the condom part. In some cases, men would make the association that no birth control pills mean condoms or no sex.’”

Is Sarah actually admitting that they allowed men to believe that condoms would be outlawed by the Personhood Amendment? Worse, that some men believed that banning chemical abortions could somehow equal zero contraception whatsoever, leading to forced abstinence? These are scare tactics at their worst. Granted, it’s not a bad thing to recognize where babies come from, but just imagine your average hard-working Christian man in Mississippi. He’s married, and suddenly told that if Amendment 26 passes, he might be locked out of the bedroom. When Personhood groups encountered false impressions among voters, we set them straight. No surprise, it looks as if Planned Parenthood didn’t bother to do the same – in fact, it appears they were more than willing to propagate false information to voters.

These kinds of lies are insidious – specifically tailored and targeted to vulnerable audiences, including prolife Mississippi voters. Planned Parenthood certainly did their homework on which deceptions would most affect Mississippi voters, and then they went to town. Funded almost entirely by out of state Planned Parenthood groups, No on 26 did more than just talk to voters – they lied to them.

It gets worse. The article continues,

“While conservative voters approached personhood as an abortion issue, conversations got them thinking about their lives. Doctors worried about committing a crime if they didn’t know whether an unconscious patient was pregnant…This issue brings out a lot of protectiveness that fathers feel toward their daughters and husbands feel for their wives,’ said Flowers who cited a nightmarish list of what-ifs that included detached placentas and ectopic pregnancies. These men did not want the criminal code to prevent doctors from saving the lives of their daughters and wives.’ “

Apparently, writer Stanford failed to do his research, and Planned Parenthood Consultant Flowers deliberately lied to voters with her “nightmarish list of what-ifs”. In Mississippi in particular, there wasn’t even a question of doctors being at risk, as Mississippi law already exempts physicians from being prosecuted in cases of ectopic pregnancy or if they were to “prescribe a medication fatal to an unborn baby to treat a female patient whose pregnancy was unknown and was not reasonably discoverable.”

Mississippi laws directly prohibits criminal charges against Doctors who don’t know whether an unconscious patient is pregnant. Why, then, did Planned Parenthood tell Mississippi voters that their lives would be in danger? That their doctors would be in danger? Even demonstrably false statements from Planned Parenthood are being printed and published with no consequences.

The article goes on to imply that it was Personhood USA who decided that life begins at fertilization. While we would be thrilled to have brilliant bioethicists and embryologists on staff, alas, we cannot take credit for the scientific standard of when life begins. The issue of when life begins is not a personal choice, or a moral consideration – it is absolute scientific fact.

I have long known that abortion industry mega-giant Planned Parenthood is in the business of protecting their pockets by any means necessary – and with the power of millions of our tax dollars behind them. But I certainly never expected a tell-all in the Huffington Post – after all, admitting that you’re using my tax dollars to deceive people is pretty gutsy. Abortion supporters must be pretty comfortable in their untouchable status to declare war on truth in such a terrible way.

The Abortion Industry disrespects women in many ways, all of them deceitful. It claims that women are not capable of pregnancy or raising children amidst difficult circumstances. It claims that the child in their womb is not a child, but tissue or “product”. I could go on and on. Now, it seems, Planned Parenthood is reveling in its deliberate dissemination of scare tactics and outright lies, claiming that it was all part of “having honest conversations with voters.”

It will always be a difficult battle to take on a billion-dollar abortion machine like Planned Parenthood. While they may be able to outspend us, we have truth on our side and are absolutely determined that the real honest conversations with voters will be led by Personhood Mississippi. Knowing that it was lies that defeated us only makes us stronger, because such a defeat can only be temporary. In the days and weeks following the Mississippi Personhood campaign, both Personhood Mississippi and Personhood USA have grown exponentially, which we believe is due in part to angry Mississippians who have discovered that they were lied to by Planned Parenthood, and due wholly to God’s blessing on a movement to protect every single human person, in the womb or out of it, regardless of their age, race, size, location, or circumstances of their conception.

Jennifer Mason
Personhood USA

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