Sing your unborn baby a lullaby

Here’s a great clip from WGRT Fox News in Dayton, Ohio (transcript below) discussing how unborn babies can hear sounds from outside the womb and later remember those sounds. It truly is never too early to read to your baby.

Have you ever wondered if your babies could hear you before they were born? Researchers now say the answer is “Yes”. In fact, they say they can learn lullabies while they’re in the womb. Researchers think the songs could be helping babies developing speech skills. They found that women who played “Twinkle-twinkle Little Star” to their babies in the womb during the final stages of pregnancy changed the way their baby’s brain reacted to the melody later in life. They say that even when they’re a fetus, babies can recognize and remember sounds from the outside world for quite awhile after they’re born.

Pretty interesting. Yeh, I’m trying to think back to the womb days myself and I just can’t remember anything. Maybe, if we play “Twinkle-twinkle Little Star” you will be able to.



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