The Munoz baby on AC 360

ac 360Erick Munoz wants to unplug his pregnant wife, Marlise Munoz, from life support and kill his unborn child. Anderson Cooper on AC 360 has broadcast several segments on the case.

In the segment below, former prosecutor Sunny Hostin defends baby Munoz’s life, not because the baby has an inherent right to life (a right he has) and the parents have an obligation to care for their child (an obligation they have), but because “it’s a wanted pregnancy”. For Ms. Hostin, the mother “wanting” the child makes all the difference. It’s a pro-abortion attitude where the baby’s value isn’t based in her humanity but on how others feel about him. Sick.

Perhaps, I’m being unfair to Ms. Hostin. Maybe, she’s just talking about the legal perspective. Thanks to Roe v. Wade and other acts of judicial tyranny, mothers may kill their unborn babies at a whim. It would be better if Ms. Hostin would make a moral defense for changing the law rather than relying on the indefensible and immoral logic undergirding current law.

In the segment, when the baby’s defenders call him a child, Jeffrey Toobin immediately and falsely corrects them:

It’s not a child, it’s a fetus.

For pro-aborts, it’s all in the labeling. They like the word “fetus” because it allows them to pretend that they’re not talking about a human being, a human child. Dehumanization of the victim is key to all atrocities, including abortion.

Of course, an unborn baby is a child. “Child” (spelled slightly differently) referred to unborn babies in old English before the 12th century. This has been the proper usage of the term ever since. Properly ignoring Mr. Toobin’s “correction”, Andrew Sullivan keeps referring to the baby as a child and a human being. Even Ms. Hostin calls the baby a child (is this because the mother, but not the father, wanted this particular baby?).

Mr. Geragos correctly analyzes Mr. Sullivan’s defense of the unborn baby:

But accepting what you’re saying, your argument, abortion should never exist, ever.

It’s too bad that Ms. Hostin jumps in with her defense regarding Marlise Munoz wanting her baby. I would have liked to hear Mr. Sullivan speak up for all unborn babies, even those unlucky enough to be “unwanted” by their parents.

At the end of the segment, Mr. Geragos says:

I don’t think there’s any right to keep a dead body circulating in order to incubate a fetus. to me, that’s ghoulish. It’s invasion of the body snatchers.

Mr. Geragos should view it differently. It’s beautiful that, even though Ms. Munoz has tragically suffered, she can still fulfill her obligation — an honorable, life-saving, and loving service — to another human being, her own baby.

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