Historic Personhood Bills and Amendments Introduced in Alabama Legislature

The Foundation for Moral Law and Personhood Alabama have announced personhood bills and amendments in the House and the Senate, backed by a large number of supporters.

SB301 is a clear recognition of the personhood rights of all human beings, regardless of their age, size, or location. SB 301 states “The term ‘persons’ as used in the Code of Alabama 1975, shall include any human being from the moment of fertilization or the functional equivalent thereof.”

SB 301 is a statutory change to the Alabama Code, and is sponsored by a staggering 19 of 35 Alabama Senators.

“We must protect all Alabama children. At the same time we have to send a message that Alabamians value the sanctity of life. Every heartbeat is as important as the next,” stated Senator Phil Williams, who introduced the bill on Tuesday.

Yesterday HB 405 and HB 409 were filed in the House by Representative John Merrill,a Personhood Statute and Personhood Amendment, respectively. The Personhood Statute and Amendment were backed by 31 co-sponsors.

“It is my belief that this bill will clearly affirm that, under law, an individual becomes a person upon fertilization,” stated Representative Merrill.

Ben DuPre, an attorney with the Foundation for Moral Law, thanked the legislators sponsoring the Personhood bills: “Senator Phil Williams and Rep. John Merrill have shown real initiative and leadership in their efforts to protect all human life from conception, and the sheer number of co-sponsors for each personhood bill shows that the Alabama Legislature may finally be ready to pass strong pro-life laws that reflect the pro-life majority in Alabama.”

DuPré added, “America used to define the meaning of ‘person’ along racial lines; now we draw the line at the womb. Personhood legislation finally gives equal protection of the laws to the unborn as well as the born, and from the first moment of human life.”

The Alabama state motto is a good guide for this effort, explained DuPre. “Alabama’s motto is ‘We dare defend our rights.’ These personhood bills send the message that we dare defend the rights of our unborn children!”

Personhood Alabama, a project of Personhood USA and the Foundation for Moral Law, is an effort to provide equal protection to unborn children by defining them as persons under the laws of Alabama. www.personhoodalabama.com .


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