Organizers for Mississippi Personhood Suspended Signature Campaign Last Fall

JACKSON, Miss., May 15, 2014 – Reminder: Supporters of a Mississippi Personhood amendment decided last fall not to collect signatures. Plans are being made to attempt to collect signatures for a future citizen-led initiative.

“The passing of the deadline was not a surprise. The decision was made by Personhood leaders last fall to collect signatures at a later date. The personhood group in Mississippi chose not to collect or submit any signatures at this time,” confirmed Jennifer Mason, Personhood USA spokesperson. “Obviously Personhood Mississippi had great success in putting this issue on the ballot in 2010, so they are more than capable. This is an issue of deciding to pursue this ballot initiative at a later date.  Personhood USA fully supports future efforts of the leadership in Mississippi when they are ready to begin collecting signatures to protect babies in the womb.”

Founder and former President of Personhood Mississippi, Les Riley: “Even though my involvement leading the effort ended in early 2013, my heart for and commitment to the cause has not waned. I am broken hearted by the fact that innocent little boys and girls will continue to have their lives snuffed out in our state and nation. Just since the defeat of Amendment 26 in November of 2011, there have likely been over 7,000 children ‘legally’ killed in Mississippi through surgical abortion alone. The proposed Life at Conception Amendment will not make the ballot, but the work to protect the unborn, the elderly, the helpless, the voiceless, continues. We are confident that our ultimate hope is in transformed lives through the work of the Gospel of Christ. We are praying for the thousands of people who are winning the battle for life on the cultural front one life at a time by sacrificially and thanklessly laboring on the front lines — fostering and adopting children, providing alternatives to mothers in crisis pregnancy centers, serving as the ‘last line of defense’ for the preborn by praying and speaking as sidewalk counselors outside at Mississippi’s last surgical abortion mill in Jackson that still kills hundreds of Mississippi children and harms women and other ‘clinics’ across the country.”

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