Keith Mason

Keith Mason has served in pro-life ministry since 1996. Motivated by the 2nd commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself”, protecting the defenseless is top priority to him and to his family. Keith is the President of Personhood USA and focuses on building effective strategies to build the Personhood grassroots in the US, establishing new Personhood efforts, and impacting the movement through key media driven events. Keith has served several different political campaigns to protect the preborn around the country, including assisting in the 2006 campaign to outlaw abortion in South Dakota, and helping to lead the 2008 Personhood Amendment in Colorado. In 2009, he organized an educational campaign to the Dominican Republic which assisted the locals to keep abortion criminalized in their constitution. Traveling with his family as missionaries, Keith has brought the pro-life message to over 500 college campuses and over 1000 high schools around the country.



Rebecca Kiessling

Rebecca KiesslingRebecca Kiessling is a family law attorney, homeschool mom of 5, and an international pro-life speaker.  Rebecca was adopted nearly from birth.  At the age of 18, she discovered that her conception was result of a brutal rape.  After meeting her biological mother, Rebecca learned that she was nearly aborted and that her mother had visited two back-alley abortionists before backing out.  She says, “The fact that I’m alive today has to do with choices that were made by our society at large, people who fought to ensure abortion was illegal in Michigan at the time — even in cases of rape, people who argued to protect my life, and people who voted pro-life.  I wasn’t lucky.  I was protected.”  Rebecca is the author of Heritage House pamphlet “Conceived in Rape: A Story of Hope” and the abortion essay “The Right of the Unborn Child Not to be Unjustly Killed—a philosophy of rights approach.”  Rebecca serves as a national spokeswoman for Personhood USA.







Jennifer Mason

Jennifer MasonJennifer Mason has served as Communications Director for Personhood USA since its inception in 2008, assisting efforts to recognize the personhood rights of all human beings in all 50 states and several countries abroad. Jennifer has worked in various pro-life efforts for over ten years, and has been featured in national and international news publications and on some of today’s most popular television programs. Traveling with her family as missionaries, Jennifer helped to bring the pro-life message to over 500 college campuses and over 1000 high schools around the country. As a mother of young children, Jennifer believes that a culture of life is the greatest gift to give to the next generation.







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